Makeblock officially released a desktop 3D printer “mCreate” for the education market. This new product release not only broadens the product layout of Makeblock, but also demonstrates the innovation and more possibilities of combining 3D Printing technology with teaching.

It is understood that Makeblock, through in-depth study of classroom teaching scene requirements, taking into account efficiency and convenience, launched a desktop-level 3D printer-mCreate, which completely broke the leveling shackles of 3D printers. The product adopts exclusive Genius intelligent leveling technology. , Really does not need to be leveled, it can be printed accurately with zero error after booting, which greatly improves the success rate of the first layer printing. The intelligent patented nozzle can realize 3s quick replacement of the nozzle, and the magnetic flexible printing platform can effectively improve the adhesion effect of the work, and make it easier and faster to pick up the parts. The overall product reliability is improved, and the printing effect is better and more stable. High-quality software operation experience, no need to set print slice parameters, entry-level users can easily get started. At the same time, the 3D Printing and laser cutting functions are combined into one, which is intimately adapted to a variety of classroom scenes and stimulates students’ creativity and imagination.

The 3D printing printing education model allows students to give full play to their imagination, develop three-dimensional spatial thinking skills, and stimulate interest in science, mathematics, especially engineering and design creativity. At the same time, in classroom teaching, inspire understanding of knowledge in the form of objects , To make the classroom more lively and interesting. As a deep-rooted STEAM education for many years, Makeblock’s products have covered kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high school ages, covering schools, teaching institutions and families in multiple scenarios. Its rich product layout and combination of software and hardware education concepts make mCreate more imaginative. mCreate integrates software and hardware, integrates the intelligent electronic module and the course content, and perfectly fits the 3D printing teaching classroom.

Combined with the mBuild series of electronic modules, through creative construction and programming, students can use mCreate to carry out smart home prototyping, robot design and production and other projects, further broadening the boundaries of creation. Children can give full play to their imagination and creativity, and easily produce interactive, heart-warming, cute dinosaurs and other works that can move and call. The combination of soft and hard teaching methods enriches children’s hands-on and practical abilities. On the teacher’s side, Makeblock has also specially equipped mCreate with 2 3Done textbooks with a total of 40 lessons, allowing teachers to easily teach modeling and printing knowledge in class.

As a STEAM education quasi-unicorn enterprise, Makeblock, through continuous improvement and expansion of its product layout, providing educational infrastructure, continuously lowering the barriers to use, seeking exploration and innovation, encouraging children’s hands-on ability, and cultivating children’s problem-solving ability As well as the ability to learn and adapt to a rapidly changing world, this is also the core of Makeblock’s STEAM education philosophy. The new product mCreate released by Makeblock this time can better help the teaching design of 3D printing course applications, help and guide students to carry out learning activities, make learning more vivid, stimulate students’ innovative thinking, and exercise students’ hands-on and teamwork skills . At the same time, it is also hoped that 3D printers will become an indispensable tool in the education industry and play a greater role in cultivating applied-skilled talents.  

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