In order to better integrate into the development trend of the era, the appearance design of electronic products promotes the upgrading of mechanical equipment. Considering the continuous improvement of user needs, the design of industrial production machinery and equipment must conform to some basic design regulations and man-machine combat regulations.

In the process of industrial equipment design, the first consideration is the functional requirements of the product, and the optimization and innovation of product appearance design must be carried out on the premise of meeting the functional requirements of the equipment.

In the design process, industrial designers should accumulate and use their daily design experience. The essential core of mechanical equipment is mechanical function, and its appearance is a way to show people. A reasonable structural design is needed between function and appearance to make the mechanical products designed by mechanical equipment more vivid.

The designer creates a sense of mystery, future and quality by matching colors, using mechanical materials, rendering light and contrasting shapes. The main fashionable and trendy machinery and equipment products are generally all beautiful in color and have a clear look. And the shape design is more personalized, fluid and exaggerated.

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