The design of product appearance and the research of product ergonomics are of great significance. Product modeling design is mainly aimed at creative activities such as the appearance design of industrial products such as electronic products, mechanical equipment, and industrial equipment. Through the use of shapes, colors, surface decoration and materials, the products are given new shapes and new qualities.

The methods of product design include

  • 1. Overlap: The rhythm of the shape is generated by duplicating and overlapping the same shape.
  • 2. Squeeze deformation method: through the extrusion of the source shape to produce the beauty of the shape.
  • 3. Displacement design: break the complete shape and then displace it, and make the shape special through the dislocation.
  • 4. Distortion change: The bending itself has ups and downs, so the bending of the plane image will produce the illusion of depth, thereby creating a sense of space.
  • 5. Cutting method. It is a common way to design products using cutting methods in product design. Through the cutting of the shape, the product has a more proportional rhythm change in the shape design.
  • 6. The method of cutting, the method of cutting the original shape through the product in the product design. The shape made by this method can appear clean and neat.

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