In the design of sheet metal products, the designer’s proficiency in the sheet metal process is very important, and it is directly related to the success of product manufacturing.

The industrial design of sheet metal products is a complex process, including sheet metal construction methods, sheet metal punching and notch design, grooves and punching, modeling printing, mold and punching, bending and many other complex processes . The higher the designer’s proficiency in sheet metal technology, the easier it is to manufacture products.

The appearance design of sheet metal products seeks for intuitive and concise design, and on the basis of existing technology, more and more delicate process treatments are made on the surface, and the details are focused and professional, making the equipment feel comfortable and intuitive , Concise and atmospheric beauty.

It is difficult for sheet metal products to achieve rich surface changes in appearance design. If the surface is not treated properly, the equipment will appear rough and bulky, without a sense of quality, and it is difficult to meet the personalized consumer needs of users. It indirectly reflects the professionalism of designers and industrial design companies. The delicate surface treatment and the atmospheric and beautiful shape can further highlight the professionalism of the equipment.

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