When an industrial product is designed, the most important thing is to see if the product is creative. A creative industrial product can be favored by the market, and a product without creativity will be quickly eliminated by the market. In addition to the requirements for design innovation, what other requirements do industrial design have?

  • 1. Demand principle: The functional requirements of the product come from demand. Products must meet objective needs, which is the most basic starting point for all designs. Not considering objective needs will result in product backlog and waste. The objective demand changes with time and place, and this changed demand is the basis for designing upgraded products.
  • 2. Information principle: The information in the design process mainly includes market information, scientific and technical information, technical testing information, and processing technology information. The designer should fully, fully, accurately and reliably grasp all kinds of information related to the design. Use this information to correctly guide product planning, program design and detailed design, and to continuously improve the design.
  • 3. Optimization principle: This is a generalized optimization, including program selection, design parameter optimization, and overall program optimization. That is to complete the design task efficiently, high-quality, and economically.

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