The first thing to do in the design is to conform to the user’s thinking and simplify the operation, especially when adding unique new functions, use simple typesetting as much as possible, because the ultimate goal of product design is to let users understand the function. Instead of spending too much time on visual presentation.

A real designer should help customers improve the inherent loopholes in the product.

A true designer is not only to provide resource pictures, but more importantly, to use professional knowledge to let customers know where the design loopholes of the product are, and help them see the design problems of the product in more depth. The conditional logic of the product does not represent the user. In fact, users have their own psychological logic. When should they click, when should they be displayed, when should the pace be fast, and when should they be slow, these are the results of the massive use of countless products in the market. User mentality will not change because of a certain product just because the conditional logical relationship is correct.

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