“ODM.WIKI” News/On the afternoon of January 8, 2019, “ODM.WIKI” was invited to participate in MakerBot’s new product launch and media meeting held in Shanghai.

The launch event means that this high-performance 3D printer Method is officially unveiled and fully promoted to China and the entire Asia-Pacific market. Mr. Nadav Goshen, Chairman and CEO of MakerBot, and Mr. Wang Xianggen, General Manager of Asia-Pacific Region, came to Shanghai to attend this event. The opportunity was rare, and we interviewed it.

As a subsidiary of Stratasys, the reason why MakerBot developed Method, what is its view on the Chinese market, and what strategic plan it will have in the future are all questions of interest to us.

Mr. Nadav Goshen, Chairman and CEO of MakerBot (right), and Mr. Wang Xianggen, General Manager of MakerBot Asia Pacific and Japan (left) 1. Thinking innovation and breaking through limitations At the press conference, Mr. Nadav Goshen first introduced the philosophy of MakerBot ——”Providing tools for innovation”, this is also the original intention of Method to develop this revolutionary product that subverts the boundaries between industrial and desktop 3D Printing applications. “We hope to improve the accessibility of industrial technology and help meet the application needs of professionals, such as engineering designers and mechanical engineers,” Nadav Goshen said. “We also hope to help users innovate and reduce costs at a price that is affordable to the people. The pressure to bring products to the market, as well as to promote the wider application of 3D printing technology by business units and organizations.”

According to reports, in addition to maintaining the simple, convenient, efficient and smooth operating experience of the company’s products, Method also possesses industrial-grade accuracy and reliability, which are currently not available in ordinary desktop-level 3D printers on the market. Such as circulating heating chamber, high-performance dual extrusion heads, high-precision soluble PVA support test, ultra-rigid metal frame structure, and smart sensors plus multiple links. These features ensure that the finished product is printed with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.2 mm, and has the fastest workflow from CAD files to printed parts, making its printing speed twice as fast as traditional desktop printers.

When asked how Method reflects the respective advantages of MakerBot and its parent company Stratasys, Mr. Nadav Goshen took the nozzle as an example to explain to us how MakerBot and the parent company Stratasys work together. “During the development process, if we encounter problems, we will directly call the Stratasys R&D team. Because they have long-term and rich experience, they can always give quick answers or provide effective suggestions.” Nadav Goshen laughed and said, “MakerBot should Apart from Stratasys, it is the only company that can directly contact the inventor of FDM technology for consultation.” Method live show

On-site display of some printed products

2. Serving the market, accurately positioning Mr. Nadav Goshen in 3 years, led Makerbot to achieve a magnificent turn, and shifted its focus from market-oriented and consumer-centric to product and technology innovation. On the one hand, the focus is shifting from the consumer class to the education and professional markets. For example, there are currently more than 7,000 colleges and universities in the United States using MakerBot’s 3D printers and there are 21 innovation centers around the world. On the other hand, it is to predict the future development trend of the market and combine the two aspects to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The new product Method is undoubtedly the perfect embodiment of the above strategy. Mr. Nadav Goshen introduced that the target users of Method 3D printers in China and the Asia-Pacific region are: education, design groups, engineers and individual professional design users. The biggest advantage of this product in the Chinese market is that it greatly improves the performance of desktop-level systems.

At present, ordinary desktop-level 3D printers have great limitations in terms of accuracy and reliability in practical applications. “With a product with industrial performance like Method, we don’t need to sacrifice the accuracy and reliability of the product.” Nadav Mr. Goshen explained. 3. Focus on the future and seek development. At present, China is the world’s third largest 3D printing spending country, only after the United States and Western Europe. According to IDC forecasts, in the next five years, printing expenditures in China will also show rapid growth. MakerBot also regards China as the most intuitive and important strategic position. Mr. Nadav Goshen said that he had come to China 25 years ago. During this revisit, he was surprised at the speed of China’s development: “China is becoming a major engineering country, and many products are developed in China. So I think Method’s product is It has a good fit with the development of Chinese engineering design and can help Chinese users to innovate in engineering design in the future.” Mr. Nadav Goshen and Mr. Wang Xianggen were interviewed by the media

Finally, Nadav Goshen also shared Makerbot’s views on the development trend of 3D printing. “I think 3D printing is a relatively young and relatively new technology. Our biggest challenge now is to let engineers have a kind of additive manufacturing thinking. Specifically, let engineers use the thinking ability of 3D printers and conduct more experiments. Design and create more new products suitable for additive manufacturing.” Mr. Nadav Goshen said that only product developers adopt more additive manufacturing thinking, and the application of corresponding technologies and products to additive manufacturers will also increase. The more extensive. “I believe that more industries will change under the influence of additive manufacturing technology in the future, and use and embrace this technology more.” From this press conference and interviews, we have seen MakerBot’s impact on product innovation and industry development. Vision, and hope to see Method, a brand-new product platform, soon usher in the next upgrade and development. Finally, how can I miss the price and purchase channel that everyone cares about most! This new high-performance Method 3D printer has a guide price of 69,999 yuan in the Chinese market. Interested friends can contact the company’s professional channel distributors.

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