According to foreign media reports, although people may not pay too much attention to the weight of sports sunglasses, they may notice if they are particularly light. Adidas’ new 3D printed glasses certainly meet this requirement, and they are said to weigh only 20 grams. 3D CMPT sunglasses are manufactured in cooperation with the Italian Marcolin Group’s eyewear company. They are characterized by using a lattice-shaped flexible nylon frame and using “the latest generation of 3D printers” to print as a whole-the specific printing process is not disclosed.

The frame is also coated with rubber, and there are non-slip contact points on the nose pad and the end of the mirror arm. Built into the frame are Adidas Base 7 polycarbonate lenses that block ultraviolet rays, which are said to provide high visual clarity in all weather conditions, while protecting the eyes from obstacles and reducing eye fatigue. This is a brown lens with a silver mirror coating on the front.

3D CMPT will initially produce 150 sets in limited quantities. Starting from August 23, it will provide members of the Adidas Creator Club with a week’s worth of products through the company’s website. Then there will be another limited production and will be sold to the public. The price of the glasses is US$415.  

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