3D Printing World” News/Markforged recently announced that it will establish a service specializing in the production of food contact parts in Australia. Markforged cooperated with the Australian Meat Processing Company (AMPC) and the established office printing company Konica Minolta to establish a workflow to quickly 3D print spare meat processing parts on demand.

Through the three-year AMPC project, Markforged is working to build a unique industry-owned 3D printing model to help meat processing companies maintain their machines without reducing supply levels. Like any high-volume factory, the food factory inevitably uses a large number of bolts and rollers, these bolts and rollers will be worn and potentially damaged at any time. When these components are eventually damaged, their mainframes are often taken out of service, causing manufacturers to suffer costly productivity losses when purchasing alternatives from outside. In order to solve this problem and help AMPC members ensure their supply, Markforged and its partners are working to determine a method for the creation, replacement and improvement of internal parts. During the project, two carbon fiber Markforged X7 3D printers will be sent to the AMPC processing plant, and then these systems will be shipped to other facilities in a 4-8 week rotation. Once installed, these machines will be used to prefabricate metal prototypes and create polymer parts, and Konica Minolta promises to provide on-site support.

Konica Minolta’s Sydney base will also install a Markforged Metal X 3D printer, which will serve as a center where plastic parts can be sent to make stainless steel. In order to ensure quality consistency and food contact compatibility, each component will be added to a “database”, and the production itself expects that the time for each component will be less than 24 hours.

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