The public is well known Materialise Magics® software is the 3D Printing industry outstanding data preparation software in China and the world have a large number of users and the number of users is growing quicklyMaterialise continues to receive inquiries from old and new customers:

There are training courses Magics software do? Is there a training course for Magics software? Is there a training course for Magics software?
Anxious users began to look for training organized by unofficial organizations on the Internet and even paid to participate in online and offline training courses organized by unofficial organizations. Not only is it unprofessional! The learning effect is also not guaranteed! ! It even constitutes infringement! ! !

How to do? Materialise’s official blockbuster release benefits are here! In order to allow users to learn the Magics software more professionally and comprehensively. Based on the latest version of Magics 23 software, Materialise invited two senior Magics software application engineers to give lectures for over 3 hours, covering ten topics. Mr. Lin Xianyang (left) and Ms. Chen Qiushun (right) )  By combining actual cases , Carried taught to learn whether you are absolutely no contact with the Magics primary user is interested in the new features of Magics and old customers to our newly established official training videos can meet your learning need is more important is that the full version of the video all freely available! ! What should I do if I get the Magics software for the video tutorial ! That’s right! Free 1 month long trial of genuine Magics 23, we are ready for you!

The third step is to send “2” directly in the official account dialog box to immediately apply for the one-month free trial of the latest version of Magics 23 ! For the detailed application method, please refer to: Magics trial (click) The official benefits are distributed to ordinary people, I won’t tell him! Hurry up and share the link with your colleagues and friends!

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