LuxCreo has recently exceeded its original set of 100 million yuan RMB level B+ round financing target. This round of financing is led by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Venture Capital Fund (HKSTP Ventures), Yinrun Capital, and NFC. The old shareholder Northern Lights Venture Capital, Shunwei Capital, and KPCB continue to increase their weight. According to founder & CEO Yao Zhifeng, this round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the implementation of 3D Printing technology in manufacturing, medical, dental, consumption (glasses, insoles, etc.), automobiles, robotics and other industries, and further expand the company’s global market The scope of the business map.

Founded in 2017, Qingfeng Technology is a high-tech enterprise covering the entire industry chain of 3D printer equipment, software, and supporting consumables. It is committed to providing the best path for the intelligent upgrade of the traditional manufacturing industry through innovative technologies. As one of the few 3D printing companies that can meet the needs of customers for mass production and customized production, Qingfeng Technology has provided efficient and high-precision manufacturing solutions for many customers at home and abroad, such as industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, 3C consumption, and autonomous driving. , Greatly improving production efficiency, including three of the world’s top five shoe manufacturers (exclusive cooperation), well-known medical groups, and the world’s top eyewear manufacturers. At present, the company has covered many areas in dozens of countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. According to the analysis data of Ruiju, the company has received four rounds of capital injections in the capital market.

The capital behind it includes Northern Light Venture Capital, Shunwei Capital, KPCB, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Venture Capital Fund (HKSTP Ventures), Yinrun Capital, NFC and many other well-known institutions and industry investors. Li Rui, a partner of Shunwei Capital, revealed: “Qingfeng Technology has demonstrated strong flexibility and growth in the process of product launch because of its complete mastery of the overall industrialization technology of equipment, software, and materials. It is used in dental applications. For example, some 3D printing manufacturers often choose to use the method of “printing the dental mold first, and then using the traditional process to press the mold”, and the self-developed materials of Qingfeng Technology can be directly printed from the printer and can be worn after simple post-processing. , Shortening the entire production cycle by 90%, this is the beginning of 3D printing to subvert the manufacturing industry in a true sense.” And this time under the dual black swan of capital winter and the epidemic, it bucked the trend and exceeded the original set 100 million yuan level.  

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