“ODM.WIKI” News April 9th, Shenzhen Chuangxiang 3D Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chuangxiang 3D”) held the “Chuangxiang 3D Global Brand Upgrade Launch Ceremony” at Dusit Thani Huizhou Tanyue Resort Hotel.

“ODM.WIKI” as a vertical media in the 3D industry has the honor to participate in this event. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Creativity 3D. As a rising star in the domestic 3D industry, Creativity 3D has grown from a team of more than 20 people in 2014 to a monthly sales volume of more than 500 people with the company’s unique operating model and keen market insight. 50,000 printer manufacturers. Why is Chuangxiang 3D developing so fast?

Co-founder Mr. Huilin Liu said that the most important reason is “pragmatic.” In the past 5 years, every step of the development of Chuangxiang 3D has been down-to-earth and truly dedicated to research and development of products! The company focuses on service, not impetuous, not following the trend, and not telling stories, and earnestly promotes the application of 3D Printing in the consumer and industrial markets.

With the rapid development of the 3D printing industry, Chuangxiang 3D has the following advantages:

  • 1. Capacity advantage. There are 16 modern production lines in a plant of nearly 20,000 square meters, with 4 24-hour uninterrupted professional testing lines and strict quality control system to ensure product quality from the source.
  • 2. R & D advantages. With a R&D center and a 3D printing laboratory with more than 100 people, the annual R&D expenditure will increase exponentially. In 2019, 10% of sales will be used as the next year’s R&D expenditure.
  • 3. Service advantages. Chuangxiang 3D is headquartered in Shenzhen, with several branches in Dongguan, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, and a large professional after-sales team. Not only has dedicated personnel to conduct online operation training for users, but also provides on-site debugging and maintenance services.

On this basis, Chuangxiang 3D also adheres to customer-centric and market-oriented focus on R&D and investment in desktop FDM. Looking at the past and looking forward to the future, Mr. Liu Huilin said: “Four products”-character, product, quality, and taste-will create a three-dimensional brand image of Chuangxiang, and the company is currently establishing overseas after-sales service points. Agents serve areas so as to better serve customers, in order to achieve the purpose of “service globalization”. In addition, Creativity 3D will also focus on creating Creativity Cloud platform services, including: user communication, batch control of printers, massive model upload and download, artificial intelligence non-stop printing, mobile phone remote control and control integrated platform services. Finally, Mr. Liu Huilin said: “The success of Chuangxiang 3D is inseparable from the support of customers, employees, and suppliers. We will not forget to care for the society, give back to the society, set an example to promote the harmonious development of 3D printing, and serve everyone with better product quality! “

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