A few days ago, the African country Malawi has recently built the world’s first 3D printed school.

According to a report by US Newsweek on the 17th, this 3D Printing school was built in Mecheza Village in Salima County, Malawi. The local infrastructure is very backward. The nearest school to the village was also 5 kilometers away. The education of children has always been a big problem. Not long ago, the French technology company 14Trees used 3D technology to build the first school for the village in just 15 hours, almost overnight. The newly completed school can accommodate dozens of students. Chicandilla, a senior adviser from the Ministry of Education of Malawi, praised the new school for being spacious and durable. Many students have never seen it before.

Its completion is bound to attract many out-of-school children back to school. It is understood that the current number of schools in Malawi is difficult to meet the needs of school-age children. UNICEF estimates that Malawi’s primary school alone needs to add another 36,000 classrooms. If traditional methods are used, it will take 70 years to complete the construction of these school buildings. 3D printing technology greatly reduces construction costs such as time and consumables. If it can be effectively promoted, the process is expected to be shortened to 10 years.

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