The China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center “Key Technologies and Product Research for Cultivated Meat Manufacturing” results appraisal meeting hosted by the China National Light Industry Council was held on October 11. Appraisal by an expert group composed of 6 academicians in the field and many domestic experts in the food field. Wang Shouwei, director of China Meat Research Center and dean of Beijing Food Research Institute, said that after five years of hard work, the scientific research team has achieved a number of key technological breakthroughs. At present, the research team has been involved in the extraction technology of livestock and poultry muscle stem cells and the construction of cell banks, the research on the preparation technology of three-dimensional culture block cultured meat, the plant-based scaffold and the application research in the three-dimensional culture of cultivated meat, the food processing of cultivated meat, etc. Phase results have been achieved in this regard. And made a detailed report on the overall research situation of the project.

 Participating experts conducted product tasting on the spot. Academician Sun Baoguo suggested that the next step is to reduce costs through technological innovation and promote marketization as soon as possible. “I hope that my country’s cultivated meat industry will go out of the Chinese-style development path with the joint efforts of everyone.” Meng Suhe, chairman of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, said that cultivated meat is the crystallization of multidisciplinary integration and the commanding heights of food science and technology. A difficult and critical step has been taken, and the R&D team must be mentally prepared for long-term scientific research. Chairman Meng Suhe stated that my country’s annual high-quality protein gap is large and it has long been dependent on imported supplies. It is recommended to strengthen the use of high technology such as cultivating meat to ensure that my country’s protein supply is firmly in its own hands.

Professor Guo Yong suggested reducing production costs through localization of consumables and equipment, achieving controllable nutrients through co-cultivation between cells, and accelerating the maturity of related technologies by increasing R&D investment. After inquiries and discussions, the committee formed an appraisal opinion, fully affirmed the innovativeness of the technological achievements of the project implementation, believed that the project research was systematic, and the overall results of the current stage reached the international advanced level, and unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal.  

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