Josh is an Australian designer living in the United States. He has his own unique research on speaker equipment. He produced a 3D printed giant Tyrannosaurus rex speaker in half a year. This speaker is 2.1 meters high, 2.6 meters long and 1.7 meters wide. Regardless of size or appearance, it seems quite domineering. So, let us take a look at the production process of this work.

The first step: design and printing First, Josh used 3D modeling software to complete the appearance design of the Tyrannosaurus rex speaker with reference to the image of the small dinosaur Lex in the Hollywood animated film “Toy Story”. Since Josh planned to make a giant speaker, he divided the entire model into multiple parts and completed the 3D Printing operation of each part using PLA material.

The second step of polishing and painting After getting the 3D printed parts, Josh performed tedious polishing work. Then, he applied a transparent primer on the surface of all parts. After drying, a layer of red paint was applied. The third step of construction In this step, Josh used the cut wooden board as the internal support structure of the Tyrannosaurus model. In order to reduce the weight of the head, he also filled it with a large amount of polyurethane foam.

Step 4 Installation Finally, Josh used bolts and nuts to complete the installation of the Tyrannosaurus tail, left foot, right foot, head and other connecting parts, and glued the white tooth prints to the Tyrannosaurus with a hot glue gun. On the upper and lower jaws of the dragon. In addition, he installed a 1000W PA woofer and two tweeters on the inside of Tyrannosaurus’s head. The completed Tyrannosaurus rex speaker is as tall as one person and looks very imposing. After connecting to the public amplifier, the sound quality of this 3D printed Tyrannosaurus speaker is quite good. At present, as a unique audio equipment, it has completed performances in multiple public places with bands and DJs.  

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