Zhejiang Xunshi Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xunshi Technology) announced that it has completed a series B financing of more than 100 million yuan, and the financing proceeds will continue to focus on the research and development and market expansion of digital products in the dental field. It is reported that this round of financing was jointly invested by Chende Capital and Yuanyi Capital. Prior to this, Xunshi Technology has completed tens of millions of angel round financing and A round of financing.

Xunshi Technology is a platform-based enterprise engaged in the research and development of 3D Printing equipment and consumables technology, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for 3D Printing. The company has established deep technical barriers in optical engines, light-curing printing algorithms and high-performance 3D printing materials. A number of global leading companies including Texas Instruments have established cooperation. At present, the company’s products involve consumer, industrial and medical fields. Among them, digital dentistry is the core development direction of Xunshi Technology at this stage. At present, Xunshi Technology’s core products in the field of digital dentistry include “MoonRay 3D Printer”, “SprintRay Pro Dental Printer” and so on. Among them, the MoonRay series debuted in the United States in 2017 and won the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Innovation Award in Las Vegas that year. Within two years of its launch, the product has occupied nearly half of the market share of 3D printing in the U.S. clinic, making it one of the most popular 3D printers in the U.S. by dentists. MoonRay 3D printer combined with intraoral scanning equipment can enable dental clinics to produce implant guides, tooth models, invisible orthodontic models, resin crowns, whitening veneers and other products, which greatly improves doctors’ work efficiency and patient satisfaction, and reduces production Cost has realized the important concept of’Same day Dentistry’ (Same day Dentistry). MoonRay series products have effectively increased the income and competitiveness of a large number of dentists. This year, Xunshi Technology launched another blockbuster product, SprintRay Pro, as MoonRay The upgraded version of, which achieves a larger printing format, higher printing speed, has a good cost performance, and brings more abundant clinical applications. Xunshi Technology has a young team with a professional background. Among the four founders, there are two doctors from the United States, one from Singapore and one master from Zhejiang University. This is a world-leading 3D printing technology research and development team. The founders Zhang Jing and Amir have been engaged in the research of 3D printing technology in the rapid prototyping laboratory of the University of Southern California. The founder Dr. Haifeng Bao has more than ten years of research and development of light-curable resins. He has more than ten patents for inventions in the field of materials. The founder Jin Liang also owns dozens of domestic and foreign invention patents in the field of machinery. The company has combined R&D capabilities of hardware, algorithms, and materials, and has accumulated more than 100 patent authorizations. With the “technical knowledge” of 3D printing, Xunshi Technology first chose the field of dentistry as its entry direction. Zhang Jing explained: “At this stage, we believe that the dental field is the most suitable direction for 3D printing technology to play a role. The initial development of 3D printing technology is suitable for some highly personalized products, and the dental field fits this feature. 1.4 billion Everyone in China has different teeth. To make teeth-related products basically need to be tailored.” Zhang Jing also added that the dental field is an application point suitable for the initial development of 3D printing technology, and the future technology development will be mature. , Cost reduction, the application field of 3D printing will become wider and wider, from personalized one-person customized products, to the subsequent industrial printing of thousands of products is also possible. Xunshi Technology also has a corresponding layout in the industrial field, such as large-scale light curing industrial-grade printers “large DLP 3D printers”, “SLA industrial 3D printers” and so on. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of 11 3D printers under Xunshi Technology, including 6 light-curing printers and 5 non-light-curing printers.

Some 3D printing products of Xunshi Technology pinpoint the location of 3D printing and lay out digital dental chairside solutionsIn 2013, the core technology of 3D printing was open sourced, and a large number of startup companies engaged in 3D printing emerged. Xunshi Technology also emerged in this wave. Six years have passed, some 3D printing companies have been eliminated in this wave, and Xunshi Technology has slowly come to the forefront in the torrent. “In those few years, society’s expectations for 3D printing were very high, but the actual technology at the time was actually difficult to reach the heights people imagined. The printing efficiency and material functionality of 3D printing technology were limited. Xunshi Technology was established. At the beginning, we focused on the basic research and development of core technology.” Jin Liang told the Artery Network reporter, “But when our technology matures, we know that the real difficulty of 3D printing technology is to find a suitable industry location.” “In the field of 3D printing, some developments Better companies have found suitable technology applications.” Jin Liang said, “3D printing may enter the aerospace field or the military industry. Its future application direction is very broad. The entry point for Xunshi Technology’s choice is Dental field.” Xunshi Technology has three major layouts in the dental field, which complement each other to build an overall chairside solution for digital dentistry. The first piece is the company’s core ecological chain, that is, the company’s core product lines such as 3D scanners (data input), digital design services (data processing) and 3D printers (data output). 3D printers and 3D scanners have been According to the introduction, the digital design service is to process the collected data to help dentists smoothly transition from traditional dentistry to digital dentistry. This part of the layout is underway by the Xunshi Technology team. The company has established the “Crescent” 3D digital dental design brand to help dentists carry out digital dental model design. The second part is the company’s layout in terms of resource accumulation.

Driven by the first layout, Xunshi Technology has accumulated a large number of dentist customers at home and abroad, and they are growing at a very high rate. These customers are Xunshi Technology products. The “hard-core fans” of dentistry have accumulated a large amount of case data during their continuous use and innovation process, which is a valuable resource for the development of digital dentistry. The third part is the layout in the brand direction. Xunshi Technology’s 3D printing brand is very well-known in the dental medical field in the United States, but because the domestic digital oral cavity has just started, Xunshi Technology’s domestic layout has just been put on the agenda. By participating in some online and offline forum activities, the company conducts some digital oral science education, and gradually establishes a domestic reputation for 3D printing. Being recognized by the two investment institutions coincidentally, Zhang Jing, the founder of Xunshi Technology, responded: “Behind this is Xunshi Technology’s top 3D printing technology R&D team and international operation team. Xunshi Technology is the first one. Companies that have entered the field of digital dentistry have been fully recognized by the European and American markets, which also allows us to seize opportunities in the domestic market. In addition, we are the most professional provider of light-curing 3D printing technology in China. We have independent intellectual property rights to build a platform-based company for 3D technology, which can expand to more application fields and give Xunshi Technology a broader space for future development. . “Zhu Tianji, vice president of Chende Capital, affirmed the value of Xunshi Technology: “First of all, Xunshi team has deep technical reserves and complex R&D capabilities-the team has sufficient accumulation in hardware, algorithms, materials, etc., and attracts In order to cooperate with industry giants in related fields; at the same time, the team not only has outstanding R&D capabilities, but also demonstrated excellent business talent. After the company’s products went public, it quickly gained nearly half of the market share in the fully competitive US market, and it has also had satisfactory financial performance in the past three years. In addition, we are interested in the “best in class” competitiveness demonstrated by Xunshi products.

The company’s products have a good reputation and are deeply loved and trusted by users. At the same time, the company has a deep understanding of customer needs and outstanding product iteration capabilities. Chende has a continuous focus on dentistry. We believe that there are huge and transformative digital dentistry opportunities in China. The development of 3D printing, CAD-CAM, 3D digital imaging and other technologies will bring disruptive models to the market, which will not only improve efficiency and enhance experience, but also significantly improve the economic benefits of practitioners. We are optimistic about the huge opportunities of Xunshi in the Chinese market in the future. “Yuan Yi Capital’s vice president Tang Yinan commented: “The global trillion-level dental service market, and its mainstream diagnosis and treatment processes and production methods have been stuck in the’analog’ era, and there has been no fundamental change in the past few decades. The backward information collection and production methods have led to low efficiency of the industrial chain, and obvious pain points in user experience and medical efficiency. In recent years, with the introduction of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, a digital revolution is taking place in dentistry. Xunshi Technology focuses on the core element of digital transformation-the chairside 3D printing solution, which realizes the closed loop of mouth scanning, design and production, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of doctors’ diagnosis and treatment, reduces costs and improves the patient experience. The Xunshi team has a global vision and layout to create a model of “world-class technology + made in China + global sales”. The company combines strong product innovation capabilities with low-cost and high-quality supply chain advantages to quickly open the market with an excellent price-performance ratio.

We look forward to such an excellent international team as Xunshi that can become a leader rather than a follower of the digital dental industry. About Chende Capital Chende Capital is an investment institution focusing on the life sciences and medical technology segments. It manages multiple USD funds and RMB funds with a total scale of more than 4 billion yuan. Chende Capital is managed and operated by a professional team with a senior medical industry background, and has accumulated investment in more than 40 projects and achieved multiple project exits. Chende Capital is committed to building a top enterprise in the medical field and creating the best return for investors. About Yuanyi Capital Founded in 2016, Yuanyi Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on the field of medical and health technology, and it also manages RMB and USD funds. At present, Yuanyi Capital has invested in 39 companies, of which one company has been listed, more than two-thirds of the companies have received follow-up rounds of financing, and many companies have become leaders in related industries. Yuanyi has a diversified team. The partners of Yuanyi have more than 40 years of investment and operation management experience, which helps to better serve entrepreneurs and achieve excellent return on investment. 

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