In the advertising industry, props play a more direct role in the display of advertisements in shopping malls and stores, and can often attract consumers to purchase desires. What you don’t know is that many advertising props are made using 3D Printing. More importantly, these shops have attracted more attention by relying on the personalization, image and novel display of 3D printing. Here are a few examples of 3D printing advertising applications.

1. Car body advertisements The car body advertisements that we can see everywhere on the street are an important carrier in advertising. Common car body advertisements are generally based on planes, and the application of 3D printing allows car body advertisements to evolve from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

(Overall display) The actual noodle props are printed by Flash Casting Guide2S + post-coloring, and the actual packaging of the actual noodles is restored in equal proportions.

(3D printed car body advertisement detail display-Guider2S printing) This kind of advertisement display method gives pedestrians a more intuitive look and feel, which is clear at a glance. This effect has also been praised by advertisers.

2. Display advertising Display advertising is a relatively important link in catering. Attractive food pictures and physical displays can often intuitively guide consumers’ desire to buy. The shelf life of food is relatively short. If you choose real food, firstly, the food is perishable and unsightly, and secondly, it will cause waste. Therefore, the display of food in general restaurants is dominated by fake props. The cost of traditional production methods is relatively expensive, the cycle is relatively long, and the production materials are not environmentally friendly.

(The picture shows the printing of dumplings and moon cakes in the flash casting laboratory) And 3D printing has the characteristics of moldless manufacturing and fast forming, which can effectively shorten the production time and cost, break through the constraints of shape and size, and meet the personalized customization of props decoration. It meets the update frequency of display advertisements and is easy to replace. The picture below shows the display set up for a foreign restaurant using Guider2S. The realistic fruits and roast chicken make people mouth-watering. To

3. Light board advertising Billboards are also one of the more important carriers in the form of advertising. Billboards that can be seen everywhere on the street and in shopping malls are shining and attracting customers.

Under this market demand, 3D printing has been deeply applied. It even launched an advertising machine specifically for the production of 3D printed advertising characters in order to achieve a richer variety of shapes and improve efficiency.

There are many forms of advertising. The application of 3D printing in the advertising industry can inject fresh blood into brands or products and derive new value, while giving users a better look and feel.

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