In addition to inspiration, industrial design must also have professional knowledge and ability. When talking with customers, it must not only reflect its own design professional level and accomplishment, but also highlight its own design creativity and ideas. Design is the interpretation of life, the observation of life, and the question and thinking from it. The accumulation of materials is also one of the most basic and effective ways to accumulate design inspiration as a designer.

Therefore, designers might as well set aside one day a week to figure out the materials. Everyone has a different aesthetic for design. Even the master’s work is unreasonable. Ask yourself why, so that you will grow up quickly.

So as an industrial designer, you have to know how to appreciate good works and start from the highlights of others. In general, there are three areas to get inspiration:

  • One is the accumulation of knowledge,
  • The second is to learn to observe life and discover the beauty of design in life,
  • The third is to apply this knowledge and design to your design.

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