• 1. Good hand-painting can fully express the designer’s ideas, rather than simple renderings. Hand-painting is very important to a good designer. It can express the designer’s creativity in a short time, and a good designer is very good at using hand-painting to express his design ideas.
  • 2. A good hand drawing can show the designer’s self-confidence through a line. Confidence is very important for a designer.
  • 3. Good hand drawing is a way to express the designer’s creative ideas quickly. Hand-painting can not only help designers express their ideas quickly, but also can quickly grasp the overall tone of the design by adjusting the lines. The tonality of the design is very important to a good design. Hand-drawing can achieve the purpose of quickly and effectively solving the overall tone and proportional lines of the design through simple line adjustments.

A good hand-drawn expression is the beginning of a good design. Of course, it does not mean that a good hand-drawn drawing is a beautiful hand-drawn envisioned drawing. Sometimes hand-drawn may be simple and clumsy brushstrokes, but it can also express your own design concepts vividly.

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