Introduction Cerebral hemorrhage is a common cerebrovascular disease with a high fatality rate and prone to sequelae. It is one of the diseases that seriously endanger the health of our people. In recent years, craniotomy to remove hematoma is no longer a conventional surgical treatment for cerebral hemorrhage. The use of minimally invasive techniques to remove hematomas has gradually become a new trend. Whenever the seasons change and the heat and cold change, the grassroots district and county hospitals often accept many patients with cerebral hemorrhage. Generally speaking, the vast majority of patients are local residents, and patients with cerebral hemorrhage are usually acute and critically ill, and need to be treated as soon as possible. Therefore, the number of patients with cerebral hemorrhage admitted to county-level hospitals at the grassroots level accounts for the majority, and then consider The time to transfer to a higher-level hospital will delay the timely treatment of the patient. It is the best choice to perform rapid treatment at the first-level hospital where the patient is received. Although with the promotion and popularization of the “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cerebral Hemorrhage in China”, the current level of diagnosis and treatment in county-level hospitals has improved compared with before, but due to the limitations of diagnosis and treatment conditions, how to solve cerebral hemorrhage safely, economically, quickly, efficiently and accurately The localization of hematoma in minimally invasive surgery has always been a “difficult problem” facing the majority of neurosurgeons, scientific research scholars and clinicians in primary hospitals.

Recently, Shanghai Heiyan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Heiyan Medical”) and Xu Yongge, director of neurosurgery at the former Army General Hospital (the Seventh Medical Center of PLA General Hospital), jointly developed the “Xu YonggeTM 3D printed guide plate with independent intellectual property rights”. The “Brain Positioning System” is launched. This system provides clinicians, especially doctors in primary hospitals, with clinical solutions of “3D Printing mask guide, keyhole craniotomy, transparent catheter support, and endoscopic intracerebral hematoma removal”. The concept of “simplification, more thorough, more timely, safer and less invasive” is implemented in the emergency operation of cerebral hemorrhage, making it possible for patients in primary medical institutions to receive economical, efficient, timely and accurate treatment. ,,,,,,

As we all know, the primary difficulty of minimally invasive surgery for cerebral hemorrhage is how to locate the hematoma. The current multiple positioning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages:-Intraoperative CT positioning is more popular, but the operation skills of the surgeon are relatively high, requiring the physician to repeatedly adjust the puncture under the guidance of CT. Those with inexperience are more time-consuming, and the physician Both the patient and the patient will be exposed to long-term radiation, and the safety is not good;-the neuronavigation system assisted by the computer to guide the positioning is accurate and can provide real-time image support during the operation, but the whole set of equipment is expensive and requires the installation of a positioning device to assist The operation is carried out smoothly, the operation is cumbersome, the cost is high, and the economy is not good;-the surgical robot is the latest intraoperative positioning method. The stable structure of the robot overcomes the shortcomings of easy shaking of human hands and accurate positioning, but the price of the robot is extremely expensive. It is difficult to popularize in large-scale hospitals. How to provide a simpler, quicker and economical method for locating hematoma for minimally invasive surgery of cerebral hemorrhage is an important direction that the majority of neurosurgeons have been studying in recent years. With the development of computer technology, digital surgery assisted positioning systems are increasingly used in surgery. Through the intelligent design software, the doctor can accurately design and simulate the surgical plan before the operation, and combine the digital means to complete the design plan accurately and accurately during the operation. Black Flame Medical uses the self-developed intelligent design software to design the cerebral hematoma minimally invasive in vitro positioning structure, and then combines 3D printing technology to quickly print the three-dimensional positioning guide, which provides a feasible technical solution for the simple, rapid and accurate positioning of the above-mentioned cerebral hematoma. Xu Yongge, former director of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Army General Hospital, is one of the earliest neurosurgeons in my country to practice neuroendoscopy. He has more than 20 years of clinical experience in more than 2,000 neurosurgery endoscopic operations.

In the past 10 years, he has led the team to concentrate on research and summarize the key treatment technology concepts for the surgical treatment of cerebral hemorrhage. Carrying this concept, the team of Director Xu Yongge and the domestic professional medical 3D printing technology & service solution provider-Shanghai Black Flame Medical Technology Co., Ltd. cross-border cooperation, combined with their own technical advantages, jointly developed the “Xu Yongge TM 3D” with independent intellectual property rights. Printed guide cranial positioning system”, this system provides basic clinicians with a simple, fast, accurate, and low-cost solution for intracerebral hemorrhage minimally invasive intraoperative hematoma positioning. “Xu Yongge TM 3D printing guide plate cranial positioning system” is composed of the following parts: 3D printing positioning guide intelligent design software, special high-speed medical 3D printer, high-speed 3D printing materials suitable for neurosurgery applications, “Xu Yongge ™ disposable brain minimally invasive Positioning the surgical accessories package”. The system only needs to import the patient’s CT image data into the intelligent design software, and then it can easily and quickly design a personalized intracerebral hemorrhage surgical positioning guide according to the clinician’s surgical operation requirements. Using high-speed medical 3D printing equipment matched with the software, the guide plate can be printed quickly. Cooperate with “Xu Yongge™ One-time Use Minimally Invasive Craniocerebral Positioning Surgery Accessory Kit”, assemble the guide bracket accessories and mask guide, you can fit the body surface bony markers during the operation, and guide the surgeon to mark the position of the scalp incision and the depth of the guide needle , So as to complete the precise endoscopic surgical operation of aspirating hematoma. The positioning system has the following characteristics and advantages:-The design is simple and fast. The doctor only needs to do a few simple steps, and the black flame medical can automatically complete the check of the cerebral hematoma boundary by the software developed by the director Xu Xu Yongge. On this basis, the doctor only needs to select the direction of needle insertion, and the software can produce a 3D printable 3D file of the puncture positioning guide. The entire 3D reconstruction and 3D design process can be completed within 10 minutes;

The printing speed of the positioning guide is fast. Black Flame Medical has independently developed a dedicated high-speed dedicated medical 3D printer for the system. With the patented dedicated guide and the dedicated 3D printing materials selected after many tests, the system will position the guide The printing time has been shortened from more than 1 hour to less than 30 minutes, so as to obtain more treatment time for patients with cerebral hemorrhage;


–Accurate positioning. The system uses the intelligent software independently developed by Heiyan Medical to quickly locate the location of the cerebral hematoma, and uses the “Xu Yongge™ Disposable Minimally Invasive Cranial Brain Positioning Surgery Accessory Kit” combined with an endoscope to help the surgeon clearly expose and remove the cerebral hematoma. The field of view, so as to complete the accurate endoscopic hematoma aspiration;

–The cost of use is low, and the burden on patients is small. The price of the entire system is only 1/10 of the commercially available neuronavigation system. The cost of printing consumables for a single positioning guide is only tens of yuan, which is a large-scale development of endoscopes for county-level hospitals Precise minimally invasive surgery for lower cerebral hemorrhage provides a reliable solution. Heiyan Medical will work with Director Xu Yongge’s team to provide simple, fast, accurate, and low-cost intracerebral hemorrhage minimally invasive intraoperative hematoma location solutions for more than 6000 secondary primary district and county-level hospitals across the country, so that district and county-level hospitals can also The delicate minimally invasive operation of cerebral hemorrhage can be completed simply and quickly. Xu Yongge, Doctor of Medicine Introduction to the former director of the First Department of Neurosurgery of the Seventh Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital. Graduated from the Department of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University of Shanghai People’s Liberation Army. Executive Director of China Life Care Association; Chairman of the Professional Committee of Stroke Treatment and Rehabilitation Care of China Life Care Association; Member of the Neuroendoscopy Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Member of the Neuroendoscopy Group of the Beijing Neurosurgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association; China Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Member of the Association Neurosurgery Professional Committee. He has performed more than 2200 neuroendoscopic surgeries; more than 1,000 stereotactic brain surgeries; more than 900 brain tumor surgeries; more than 800 complicated hydrocephalus surgeries; more than 500 brain trauma surgeries. To

About Black Flame Medical Shanghai Black Flame Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Black Flame Medical”) is a leading domestic research and development and production of 3D printing equipment, 3D printing materials, 3D design software, and medical 3D printing services. 3D printing-based digital medical overall solution provider, focusing on the application development and application promotion of 3D printing and digital technology in the medical field. Black Flame Medical has conducted years of research and accumulation in various technical fields in the 3D printing medical application industry chain. It is currently a domestic medical technology company with a complete technical reserve, product variety and product development and upgrade path in 3D printing medical research and application. . Black Flame Medical works closely with the Medical 3D Printing Innovation Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, combining the characteristics of current medical surgery and medical rehabilitation, and meeting the clinical needs of doctors, using self-developed digital medical design software, cloud printing service platform, 3D printing equipment, 3D Printing consumables, using 3D printing and digital technology for preoperative planning, intraoperative navigation, postoperative rehabilitation and personalized customized implants and other clinical application stages, providing the best personalized digital medical solutions, allowing 3D printing and digital In-depth integration of technology and medical clinical applications, and more medical innovations with doctors and partners. After years of painstaking exploration, Black Flame Medical, which focuses on the application of 3D printing and digital technology in the medical field, has received tens of millions of yuan in financing from Sinopharm Capital in early 2018. It has gone out of a unique combination of medicine and industry and built it together with the hospital. The model of the 3D printing center. Heiyan Medical has cooperated with 42 tertiary hospitals and medical schools in China for tens of thousands of cases of medical 3D printing applications, signed a contract with 22 tertiary hospitals to build a medical 3D printing center, and cooperated with 16 tertiary hospitals.

Black Flame Medical is the standing director unit of the 3D Printing Medical Device Professional Committee of China Medical Device Industry Association and one of the 3D printing medical device industry standards. In March 2020, Black Flame Medical and Shanghai Ninth Hospital jointly established the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission Orthopedic Innovation Research Engineering Center, dedicated to the innovative research and industrial transformation of personalized customized orthopedic medical devices.

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