About the list of thread cutting methods

In actual machining, the thread types are generally: ordinary single thread, trapezoidal thread, special thread, profiled thread, etc.

Enumerate Many Method Of Thread Cutting

Enumerate Many Method Of Thread Cutting 

Among them, the common thread is the most widely used, and the joint is mostly used with coarse teeth, while the fine teeth are used for thin-walled parts or joints of variable load, vibration and impact load parts, and can also be used for fine adjustment of the mechanism. When machining ordinary threads, it is necessary to pay attention to the multiple feeds during cutting, and each cutting depth should be reduced according to a certain ratio. If the cutting depth is the same for each knife, the force on the cutting edges on both sides of the thread cutter will increase sharply as the material removal rate increases, resulting in a decrease in thread precision and tool damage. In the game, internal and external threads are relatively common, and the general processing difficulty is small, mainly pay attention to the calculation of the thread bottom.

Trapezoidal threads have longer lengths, larger pitches, deeper cutting depths, greater cutting forces, higher precision requirements, and greater processing difficulties than conventional threaded threads. CNC lathe thread cutting processing methods generally include: straight forward method, oblique advance method, staggered cutting method, and slot cutting rough cutting method.

  • (1) Straight-forward method. When the lathe is cut, the Z-direction linear motion does not change, and the X-direction feeds a depth of cut. It is characterized by convenience, high efficiency and high efficiency. Generally, ordinary threads with small pitch can be used. However, since the cutting edge of the turning tool is cut at the same time, and the chip discharging is not smooth and the force is large, the turning tool is easy to wear, and the chip will scratch the thread surface.
  • (2) The oblique approach. Refers to the Z-direction feed and the X-direction also has a linkage, forming a slash line feed mode. At this time, the thread cutter always has only one cutting edge to participate in the cutting, the chip removal is smooth, and the force and heat are smaller than the straight forward method. However, when the thread depth is deep and the pitch is large, the knives are likely to occur.
  • (3) Interlaced cutting method. The thread cutters are staggered in parallel with the left and right side of the tooth to the bottom of the tooth. Ideal for large thread cutting, but programming is more complicated.
  • (4) Cutting and rough cutting method. First, a groove is cut out by a grooving cutter smaller than the width of the thread cutter, and then threaded by a thread cutter. Large pitch threads are often used, but operation and programming are extremely cumbersome.

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