The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently joined other industry associations to submit a request to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), calling on USTR to exempt products such as Chinese-made 3D printers, drones, robots and personal computers. Impose tariffs.

Although USTR has exempted imported ventilators, oxygen masks and nebulizers under the epidemic, CTA believes that the above-mentioned 3D printers and other products have played an important role in the United States’ fight against the epidemic, and therefore requested to expand the scope of duty-free products. In the past few months, 3D printers have played an important role in the rapid production of key equipment, such as PPE and ventilator parts. Many companies and individuals are using 3D Printing to produce urgently needed consumables for local hospitals or medical centers.

Other technologies, such as robots, can be used to disinfect surfaces, and drones can be used to provide medical supplies. Personal computers can be used for remote education purposes, as well as for providing remote medical services, etc. Therefore, CTA believes that it is very important to expand the scope of tariff exemption.

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