my country’s 3D Printing technology has obtained CE certification. CE is a major management department of 3D Printing technology, and they have the most say in the breakthrough of this technology, and their recognition is very fulfilling for my country’s technological breakthroughs. 3D printing is now mainly used in my country’s aerospace sector, and breakthroughs in this part have some military breakthrough significance in addition to technology. In the field of 3D printing, after a period of exploration in China, the current technological breakthroughs have been achieved. These breakthroughs are a good strength foundation for the subsequent development of 3D printing and some malleable developments. 

The strength of a country’s technology can give its citizens a great sense of security, and in the course of such efforts, people will also have a standard for measuring the next series of developments. From the previous inability to independently research and develop our country’s technology is becoming stronger and stronger. Regarding some new technological breakthroughs, we are also at the forefront. People in the country can’t help but feel that our country’s technological strength is getting stronger and stronger, and this increase Not only has it brought about changes in our own people, it has also brought great pressure to other countries.  

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