When working on an industrial design portfolio, it often enters a bottleneck period: the design creativity is clear and brilliant, but it can’t express the product form you want, and the shape has been modified many times, but it has fallen into a stalemate of getting worse and worse. , The more you do, the worse you become, which is very fatal. What should I do in this situation?

Everyone must cultivate their sensitivity to the surrounding products, from the entire product environment to the fine texture of the product itself. Everyone must observe carefully. The scope should not only be limited to industrialized products, but also more contact with excellent works such as planes, architecture, sculptures, etc.

The reason is that it is difficult for everyone to convert to three-dimensional, or it is that you have no idea how to practice hand-painting, and you don’t know what to draw. No matter what happens, there are corresponding ways to break through the design bottleneck and improve your sculpting ability.

For students studying design, life is always the best inspiration resource library. This sentence is even more important for students studying product design. There is no perfect product in life. If everyone only pursues “different” and does not pay attention to the real user pain points, it is difficult to truly learn industrial design.

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