Pbt material is an engineering material with excellent performance, with excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, good heat resistance, weather resistance, good electrical properties, and low water absorption. The modified pbt material is to be modified by strengthening and flame retardant, so as to improve its heat resistance, flame retardancy, dimensional stability and modulus, and is used in automobiles, electronic and electrical industries.

What Is PBT Material?

Application of modified pbt materials in the field of electronics and electrical

To realize the intelligentization of electrical appliances, not only the design, electrical, etc., need to meet technical standards, but also the plastics used in the internal circuit control system must meet the requirements of high glow wire and high CTI (tracking index. The comprehensive performance of the modified pbt material is comprehensive. , It is applied to electronic and electrical components through modification of reinforcement, flame retardant, low warpage, high GWFI/GWIT, high CTI, high glow wire, high flow, etc.

In the field of electronics and electronics, modified pbt materials are used in capacitor shells, high-end induction cooker coils, rice cooker socket connectors, micro switches, timers, coil frames, etc.

Application of modified pbt materials in the automotive field

The application of pbt materials in the automotive industry is also diverse, including electrical components such as ignition distributors, fuse boxes and connectors, as well as headlight housings, headlight bezels, window supports, door handles, wiper motor housings, Central lock components, air filters and sensors, fuel pumps and supply components, airbag components, etc. In the next five years, global automobile production is expected to continue to grow at an average annual growth rate of 3.5%. This will also stimulate the market demand for modified pbt materials.

The main injection molding conditions of modified pbt materials

  1. The temperature of the barrel. The selection of the barrel temperature is very important for PBT molding. If the temperature is too low, the plasticization is not good, which will cause the product to lack material, dent, uneven shrinkage and dullness. If the temperature is too high, it will cause serious salivation of the nozzle, overflow, darken the color and even degrade. Generally, the temperature of the barrel is controlled at 240-280℃, and the glass fiber reinforced PBT is controlled at 230-260℃. The nozzle temperature should be controlled at 5-10℃ lower than the temperature of the front section of the barrel.
  2. Mold temperature. The mold temperature is directly related to the dimensional stability, warpage deformation, molding cycle and crystallinity of the product. PBT is easy to crystallize, and it crystallizes quickly even at room temperature, so the mold temperature does not need to be too high, usually 40-60°C, while the mold temperature of glass fiber reinforced PBT is slightly higher, usually 60-80°C.
  3. Injection pressure. PBT has low melt viscosity and good fluidity. It can be used at a moderate injection pressure, generally 60-90MPa, and glass fiber reinforced PBT is 80-100MPa. Generally, the injection pressure increases with the increase of the thickness of the plastic part, but do not More than 100MPa, otherwise it will be difficult to demold.

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