What product is a creative product? When searching for world creative product design, ODM Wiki creative product designer told us that if we want to do a good product design, it is not enough to have an idea. We also need to have the following points.

1. Product appearance design must keep pace with the times

To be able to lead the fashion trend and be able to control people’s consumption concepts, take the design of personal computers produced by Apple as an example. In the G3 era, people see a colorful, transparent, and gorgeous appearance, which reflects a lively atmosphere and gives people a sense of fashion; in the G4 era, it presents a translucent, silver-gray appearance, and every detail reflects technological fashion. . Therefore, visually, the G4 computer reflects rationality, avant-garde, and leads the fashion trend.

2. Product appearance design must meet people’s functional needs

As an industrial design product, the first element is to be practical. If a product puts aside the function and blindly emphasizes the form, everything will be empty talk. From the perspective of technical aesthetics, good industrial design should first bring users the best solution to the problem. Product modeling design is a system of harmonious beauty formed by integrating technology, materials, and craftsmanship. It is the pursuit of perfect modeling on the basis of satisfying functions.

3. Appropriate processing technology must be considered during product design

It is not difficult to imagine a product made by a mold or a hand-made product which is more perfect. For the same product, the final effect produced by its surface treatment, processing technology selection, etc. is also very different. I think this is also the main reason for the production of advanced technologies from spray painting to baking, from hand-made to molds to CNC machine tools, wire cutting, etc. The craftsmanship determines the fineness of the product to a large extent.

4. The design heritage must be a combination of Chinese and Western cultures

Culture is the core of industrial design. Industrial design is a portrayal of its national culture, which reflects the national culture at the same time it creates a new culture.

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