Product designers use the law of formal beauty as a guide in product appearance design, providing aesthetic basis and imagination, and creating products that conform to people’s aesthetic habits.

  • 1. In terms of materials, for example, Cantonese people prefer stainless steel, so in the treatment of stainless steel, anti-fingerprint treatment will give people a better touch and visual effect; and matt or brushed stainless steel is more delicate and more delicate than mirrored. has connotation.
  • 2. In terms of technology, the same plastic can get completely different effects by using injection molding and using blister. Whether it is a chamfer or a seam, the quality of the product injected by the fine mold can make people feel its quality.
  • 3. In terms of color, a large block of color may attract people’s attention at once, but a small color block used to embellish it can guide people’s visual center, which reflects the refinement and sense of quality; the touch on black communication products Blue light always instantly enhances the technological sense of the product several times.

An innovative product form must have the aesthetic characteristics of simplicity, integrity, novelty, and detail visually.

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