The Cost Control And Optimization Of Cnc Machining Process

In the machining process, by controlling and optimizing industrial costs, the goal of saving production costs and improving the economic benefits of the enterprise can be achieved. The article discusses the influencing factors of machining process cost control in depth, and gives examples to illustrate the possibility of machining process cost control and optimization, and then analyzes the methods of machining process cost control and optimization, in order to reduce the enterprise machine cost. The cost of processing technology and the purpose of improving economic efficiency.

The Cost Control And Optimization Of Cnc Machining Process
The Cost Control And Optimization Of Cnc Machining Process

1 background overview

Numerical control machining (CNC) is mainly done by workers operating machining centers, CNC turning and milling, wire EDM equipment, thread cutting machines and other related numerical control equipment. Because numerical control processing is controlled by programs, it is more accurate and efficient than manual processing. 

All has been widely used in the current machinery manufacturing industry in my country. However, because some procedures such as the positioning of the operating table still need to be completed manually, there are often certain problems in the operation process, resulting in waste of raw materials or quality problems, which increases the unnecessary consumption of the enterprise and increases the income of the enterprise.

Corporate profits have brought greater difficulties. Especially in the current situation of fierce competition, declining orders, weak revenue growth, and low efficiency, in addition to actively exploring the market and expanding sales channels, it has become the consensus of all companies to save costs and reduce consumption to the greatest extent. 

For this reason, most of the current machinery manufacturing companies regard cost control and optimization in the machining process as the focus of attention, in order to adopt a more optimized process to reduce consumption and increase output. This article only discusses how to control and optimize the process cost of parts in the machining process.

2 Influencing factors of machining process cost control

Technological processing is the process of processing raw materials into industrial finished products. It is not only a production process, but also a process of massive consumption of raw materials and constant loss of mechanical equipment. 

Therefore, it is undoubtedly of great significance to save costs to the greatest extent and reduce the consumption of raw materials for cost control. However, in the process of process, due to many factors involved, such as the process positioning of the enterprise, the selection of technical solutions, the selection of processing equipment, etc., it makes cost control more difficult.

2.1 The process positioning of the enterprise is not high

The process positioning of an enterprise refers to the positioning of the enterprise in the value chain. Since the reform and opening up, although my country’s manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development and some world-class large enterprises have emerged, in general, my country’s manufacturing industry is mostly at the low end of the value chain and lacks the core of sophisticated independent intellectual property rights. 

Technology, it is difficult to control the process cost to a minimum. For example, the material used in the production of a certain type of chest strap adjustment buckle is 45# cold-rolled steel plate. The traditional process includes 12 processes such as flat grinding and wire cutting. The cost of each part has reached more than 3 yuan, but for some enterprises with high technological positioning, the use of fine blanking processing technology requires nearly 0.45 yuan per piece, and the process cost is significantly reduced.

2.2 Process technology ability is low

Process technology capability refers to the process technology assurance capability of the relevant departments to transform the designed form and characteristics into concrete objects after the design department has determined the process technology. The high industrial technology capability can guarantee the quality of the products produced to the greatest extent, which often determines the amount of investment in the process cost of the enterprise and the output of the enterprise’s product.

At present, the technological capabilities of most companies are guaranteed, and the technological capabilities of some companies’ workers are even highly endorsed by companies in other countries. However, it is undeniable that there are still some companies that are not high in industrial technology capabilities and still follow the old experience and process technology capabilities, so that they cannot guarantee the processing accuracy and form batches.

2.3 Unscientific process management

Process management is the process of scientifically planning, organizing, and controlling the entire process of process work, including organizational setup, process technology development planning, and industrial system establishment. The modern enterprise system requires enterprises to establish clear rights and responsibilities.

For industrial management, because the technology involved is more professional, the management method must be scientific and reasonable. This requires managers to have high professional quality first, and secondly, the relevant management system must be healthy.

Comprehensive and scientific, but at present, some manufacturing enterprises in my country, especially some state-owned enterprises, still have a serious “official standard” thinking. Therefore, the phenomenon of layman leading the insider often appears in the organization setting, and sometimes it is difficult to strictly implement it in management. Process discipline, and often even goes beyond the system, makes it difficult for process management to play its due role, thereby increasing the cost of the enterprise.

2.4 The process design of the product is backward

The process design of the product is embodied in the overall process plan of the product. The overall process plan involves the procurement of product raw materials and standard parts, the determination of outsourcing parts, process characteristics, work types and process division requirements, process production process planning and arrangement, etc., which is a guide

The basis for preparing process technology and coordinating various departments to continuously carry out process work. Scientific and reasonable process design should reflect the optimal economic effect, which should be the optimal ratio of industrial investment to process cost, which should be comprehensively measured. 

However, some existing companies have backward product process design concepts. In choosing the overall process design plan, Simply comparing the process cost and ignoring the payback period of the basic investment leads to backward process design and it is difficult to achieve the goal of reducing costs.

2.5 Other influencing factors

In addition to the above factors, the selection of raw materials, the selection of equipment, and the design of process parameters may all have an important impact on the level of process costs. For example, for a certain type of side rail part, the weight of the finished part after processing is quite different from the weight of the trial production, and it is difficult to use.

After analysis, it was found that there was a problem with the selection of raw materials, so he directly signed an extrusion molding technology agreement with the raw material supplier and determined the acceptance standard, which guaranteed a 100% pass rate of part quality and saved 7,000 yuan in cost. Management ability, through the establishment of related construction budget management institutions in highway construction enterprises, the implementation of budget goals and plans can be guaranteed to a certain extent. 

Use the power of the original financial department in the highway construction company to control and manage the budget management agency. Not only does every construction link get checked, but also through repeated and detailed calculations and summaries, it can avoid the waste of resources and materials and reduce errors. Occurs while reducing the construction cost of the enterprise.

3.2 Constantly adjust the internal management organization of the enterprise, appropriately increase or streamline it to adapt to the current construction work, and lay the foundation for the reasonable allocation of personnel and resources. 

At the same time, considering the scale and difficulty of different projects, select and arrange appropriate management agencies and personnel to achieve the purpose of performing their duties and orderly project control, so as to reduce construction costs and prevent the occurrence of undesirable phenomena.

3.3 Improve the salary system

We must resolutely resist, severely punish, and never tolerate the undesirable phenomena of arbitrary quotas, untrue price records, favoritism, and economic profit through human relations in the current construction enterprises. Constantly revise and improve the budget quota, communicate and contact relevant government departments in a timely manner, in order to further implement accurate and feasible budget quotas.

3.4 Improve the professional skills and professional quality of budget staff

Under the influence of the increasingly prominent role of human resources, the training and shaping of the professional skills and professional qualities of budget personnel by highway construction companies has become extremely important. It is related to the development of budget work in actual project construction.

Budget personnel’s awareness of economic cost control, maintain a positive attitude, enhance their sense of responsibility, and complete the effective control and management of construction budgets under the guarantee of a higher level of professional skills. Therefore, relevant companies need to conduct targeted and purposeful professional quality education and budget professional skills training. Through large-scale publicity and education, through the guidance and explanation of professional professors and experts, budget staff can make greater progress.

 At the same time, it regularly implements relevant business assessments in order to test the effectiveness of the training work. So, in order to reduce the mistakes in the construction budget work and to effectively control the project cost, it is crucial to strengthen the professional knowledge training and professional quality education of the budget staff.

4 Conclusion

In summary, as a systematic and complex task, highway construction cost budget management has a significant impact on the economic benefits of the entire highway project. Therefore, in the actual project budget management process, enterprise managers are required to combine their own development conditions.

It adopts reasonable budget management methods, finds out the problems and deficiencies in time, and effectively solves them through the establishment of a systematic and comprehensive project budget management system. Only in continuous practice and reflection, we can summarize experience and avoid mistakes. In order to truly guarantee the economic benefits of highway construction projects, and promote enterprises to achieve greater progress.

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