There are two aspects to increase labor utilization rate. One is to increase the utilization rate of direct labor, and the other is to increase the utilization rate of indirect labor.

Continuously absorb advanced welding technology at home and abroad, strive for perfection, and pursue perfection to meet the constantly updated needs of domestic and foreign electronic products.

The key to improving direct labor utilization is that one person is responsible for multiple machines. This requires cross-training of operators. The purpose of cross-training is to enable operators on the production line to adapt to any type of work on the production line. Cross-training gives workers great flexibility and facilitates the coordination and handling of abnormal problems in the production process. The prerequisite for achieving one person with multiple computers is to establish a work standardization system. Work standardization is the study of a large number of work methods and actions to determine the most effective and repeatable method. When working, employees must strictly follow standardization. The significance is not only to improve the utilization rate of direct labor, but also to improve the quality of products. Because the adoption of a series of technical measures such as error protection and prevention of waste products ensures that every item The operation can only be carried out in the only correct way.

Installing automatic detection devices on production equipment can also increase the direct labor utilization rate. The production process is closely monitored by the automatic detection device from beginning to end. Once any abnormal situation is detected in the production process, an alarm or automatic shutdown will be issued. These automatic detection devices have replaced the activities of quality inspection workers to a certain extent, have eliminated the causes of quality problems, and have greatly reduced the rework phenomenon, and the labor utilization rate has naturally increased.

The indirect labor utilization rate increases with the improvement of production processes and the elimination of inventory, inspection, rework and other phenomena. Measures that are conducive to improving the direct labor utilization rate can also increase the indirect labor rate. The manpower and material resources consumed in inventory, inspection, rework and other links cannot increase the value of the product. Therefore, these labor are usually regarded as indirect labor. If the indirect activities that cannot add value in the product value chain are eliminated, the indirect activities caused by these indirect activities Indirect costs will be significantly reduced, and labor utilization will be increased accordingly.

All in all, smt/ai lean production is a never-ending process of excellence. It is committed to improving the production process and every process in the process, eliminating all activities that cannot add value in the value chain as much as possible, and improving labor utilization. Eliminate waste, produce according to customer orders while minimizing inventory. Lean is a brand new corporate culture, not the latest management fashion. The transformation from a traditional enterprise to a lean enterprise cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires a certain price and sometimes unexpected problems may occur. Those who are keen on traditional production methods but skeptical of lean production can cite this or Rebuttal for that reason. However, those companies that unswervingly follow the lean road, most of them within 6 months, and some even less than 3 months, can recover all the transformation costs, and enjoy the benefits of lean production.

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