Rapid prototyping technology, referred to as RP, is an advanced manufacturing technology that emerged and developed rapidly in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is a general term for the rapid manufacturing of 3D physical entities of arbitrary complex shapes directly driven by CAD models. The computer three-dimensional digital model or CAD model of the required part is generated, and then the model is discretized into a series of ordered units according to the process requirements, usually in the Z direction according to a certain thickness, and the original three-dimensional CAD model becomes a series of According to the contour information of each layer, input the cnc machining parameters and automatically generate the numerical control code; finally, a series of layers are formed by the forming machine and automatically connect them to obtain a three-dimensional physical entity.

Reverse engineering technology, also known as reverse engineering technology (RE), is one of the core technical capabilities of Yiwei Model. According to Luo Baihui, a mold expert, the combination of this technology and rapid prototyping technology can achieve rapid three-dimensional copying of products, and through CAD remodeling modification or rapid prototyping process parameter adjustment, it can also realize the mutation recovery of parts or models. The scope includes the development of mold samples for automobiles and motorcycles, home appliances, sports equipment, toys, ceramics, etc.

Rapid prototyping of antiques, portraits, artworks, cartoon characters, toys, etc. And body shape measurement, medical equipment production, etc.; modeling design of three-dimensional animation, multimedia virtual reality, advertising animation, etc. The scanning range can be carried out from fine sheet metal parts to the scanning of the whole vehicle, and the average accuracy can reach ±0.05mm.

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