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CNC machining of industrial aluminum profiles is a machining form of aluminum profile machining. Generally speaking, CNC machining refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathes, CNC machining milling machines, and CNC machining boring and milling machines, etc., in In the machining of industrial aluminum profiles, it belongs to finishing, and there are many machining methods. BE-CU.COM will talk about CNC machining of industrial aluminum profiles today.

The new machining technology of CNC machining in industrial aluminum profile machining, the main job is to compile the machining program, that is, to convert the original manual work into a computer, but still need to have manual machining experience, CNC machining belongs to CNC lathe machining , the determination of the machining route generally follows several major principles:

  1. The first is to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece to be processed and the roughness of the surface, and then shorten the machining route and reduce the time of the idle travel, thereby improving the machining efficiency.
  2. The second point is to simplify the workload of numerical calculation as much as possible, thereby simplifying the machining program.
  3. The last point is that for some repetitive programs, it is necessary to use subroutine operations.

CNC machining of aluminum casing is a new machining technology. Its advantage is that the processed aluminum profile parts have high precision and good surface, which can meet the requirements of most enterprises that require high precision of aluminum profiles. The efficiency of the process, reducing the rate of defective products, and saving production costs are also of great help. So do you know the specific steps of CNC machining of aluminum die casing? In response to this problem, BE-CU.COM will explain it to you in detail below.

  1. The first is the choice of CNC machine tools
  2. After selecting the CNC machine tool, you must choose the machining method
  3. Determine how to clamp the part, then select Clamp
  4. Positioning method
  5. Determine inspection requirements and inspection methods
  6. Then select the tool
  7. Error control and tolerance control in machining
  8. Define the CNC process
  9. CNC sequence
  10. Determine cutting parameters
  11. Prepare CNC machining program table

The above steps for CNC machining of aluminum casings are shared here for you. The operation steps of CNC machining may seem complicated, but as the saying goes, sharpening knives is not wrong for chopping wood. Moreover, the operation is not very complicated. In order to make a high-quality finished product, the operation must be strictly followed.

Be-cu.com has been committed to the production of aluminum profiles and the machining of aluminum alloy products for many years. With the development of the times, aluminum alloy profiles have gradually replaced the application of original materials, which have been reflected in many fields. The products processed by our company are widely used in new energy vehicles, construction sites, industrial automation equipment, photovoltaic engineering, cooling accessories and other fields. The reason why aluminum alloys are widely used, we have included the following advantages.

  • Aluminum alloy products are light in weight, easy to transport and install;
  • Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy has stronger plasticity and high machining efficiency;
  • Aluminum alloy has good chemical properties, suitable for oxidation spraying, resulting in various colors, beautiful and generous;
  • The surface of aluminum alloy has good adsorption, good corrosion resistance after oxidation, and long service life;
  • The aluminum alloy structure can be arbitrarily designed according to needs, saving aluminum cnc machining costs;
  • Aluminum alloy profiles are more in line with the development requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

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