New Method For Testing Nuclear Fuel Strength

Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics of the Russian National Nuclear Research University have developed a new method for testing the strength limit of the fuel in nuclear fuel pellets-the “Russian Brazil Test”.

The strength limit is the basic quality index for the production of nuclear fuel using uranium dioxide powder. It is usually determined by testing samples that are dozens of times larger than nuclear fuel pellets, because the diameter and length of the nuclear fuel pellets themselves do not exceed 6 mm to 8 mm. The standard method Unable to determine its strength limit.

The “Brazil Test” is a compression test on a short cylinder lying flat. This method can test the tensile strength of rock samples with a diameter greater than 50 mm and a thickness between 0.2 mm and 0.75 mm.

Researcher Vladimir Golitsev introduced that after testing a sample model material composed of cast iron and graphite, they concluded that the “Brazil Test” can be applied to the strength test of small-size brittle material samples. Based on the test results, they proposed a new method for calculating the strength of nuclear fuel and named it the “Russian-Brazil Test.”

The research results have been announced at the 16th “New Materials: Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuel” International Academic Conference.

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Link to this article:New Method For Testing Nuclear Fuel Strength

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