In the automotive field, the concept of laser welding was first introduced to China by Volkswagen, and it has a history of more than ten years. In the mouth of the salesperson, it is the main reason why Volkswagen is durable. Many friends around me also choose Volkswagen because of this “safer” laser welding.

Is The Automotive Shell After Laser Welding Really Better?

What is welding?

What exactly is laser welding? Is it really that awesome as the publicity says? In simple terms, welding is the permanent bond between two pieces of metal. In the production of automobiles, resistance welding is mainly used. Because its welding area is spot-shaped, it is also called spot welding. As for our protagonist today, laser welding is a relatively small technology, and the proportion used in the industry is still not Considered high.

Spot welding is to press the metal to be welded between the electrodes, and then use the electric current to melt the metal, so that the two pieces of metal are welded. There are as many as 5000 welding spots on the car frame, and the number will be as large as the number. It directly affects the rigidity of the frame. As for laser welding, two pieces of metal are locally heated and melted by laser to achieve welding, so laser welding is continuous.

Is the laser welded car necessarily safer?

From the consumer’s point of view, laser welding is continuous, while spot welding is only point-shaped. Obviously, the former will be more reliable. However, the actual effect is not absolute. According to scientific research data, when the melt width is 1mm, the length of the weld must reach 19-20mm, and laser welding can achieve the strength of a spot welding. In other words, only when laser welding is long enough, can it achieve stronger tensile performance than spot welding.

In fact, laser welding is not applied to the welding of the whole car. Most of them are concentrated on the roof and side walls. The laser welding is mainly used here for more beautiful appearance and better sealing, and to measure whether a car is Safety, more depends on whether the frame design is reasonable.

Is laser welding only used by the public?

When it comes to laser welding, everyone must first think of the public, after all, they have carried out a lot of marketing and promotion. In fact, in many car factories, not only the public know how to play laser welding, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Peugeot, Nissan and other car companies have used this technology.

Laser welding is no longer a high-tech for most car companies. The reason why most manufacturers still focus on spot welding depends more on the layout of their production lines and the design of the frame. After all, laser welding is relatively The danger to employees is extremely high, and special enclosed production areas need to be set up. For old factories, such changes can be easily achieved from time to time. Laser welding can indeed have better sealing and sound insulation performance, and the welding area is also more beautiful, but its contribution to the strength of the car body is not a leap, and it cannot affect the safety of the car body. This is a place that needs to be emphasized.

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Link to this article:Is The Automotive Shell After Laser Welding Really Better?

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