Ideal Material Choice For Hard Anodizing

In the hard anodizing process, insoluble elements: silicon, lead; elements that are dissolved but exist as oxides or other insoluble compounds: magnesium, zinc; elements that are highly soluble and do not exist as stable compounds in the film : Effects of added components such as copper and nickel may remain in the oxide film. The advantage of hard oxidation is that it can be applied to any shovel without special maintenance. It can be said that it is an ideal choice. The parts that have both ordinary anodizing and hard anodizing will arrange specific procedures according to the finish and precision of the parts.

Ideal Material Choice For Hard Anodizing
Ideal Material Choice For Hard Anodizing

Usually, ordinary anodizing is performed first. When hard anodizing is performed, the surface that does not need to be hard anodized is insulated. The insulation method can be sprayed with a spray gun or a brush. On the surface that does not need to be treated, the insulation layer should be applied thinly and uniformly. 

Each layer should be dried at low temperature for 30 to 60 minutes and a total of 2 to 4 layers can be applied. However, there is also a shortcoming in the United States and China. It was a bit sticky at first. Here I want to tell you a good way, is to burn the pot over low heat, pour half the pot of oil, and burn for ten minutes, and then repeat this, about once every 2 days or so, lasting about half a month or so, non-stick It will be much better. The wear resistance of the anodic oxide film of aluminum and aluminum alloy is increased, which is caused by the decrease in the dissolution rate of the electrolyte to the film, in order to obtain a higher hardness oxide film. 

Also, when not in use, prepare half a bowl of oil and pour it into the pot. When it is used, pour it out, so it will have a good non-stick effect in about 1 ~ 2 months. Specializing in hard oxygen, hard oxidation, hard anodizing, color oxidation, aluminum oxidation, ordinary anodizing, sandblasting anodizing, wire drawing anodizing and other processes.

PTJ Shop is based on maintaining technological leadership; it is specialized in hard oxidation, Dongguan hard oxidation plant, oxidation plant, aluminum hard oxygen, and anodizing in order to maintain profit and coordinated development of the industrial scale. Purpose: to solve problems and finally implement them Only in the work can we effectively improve the qualification rate of electrophoretic profiles. 

The hard anodized film is thicker and harder than ordinary films. The treatment method is to produce the film thickness as efficiently and quickly as possible, and the solution with the conditions for forming a hard film must be combined with this processing condition. Metal oxide films change the surface state and properties, such as surface coloration, increase corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, and protect metal surfaces.

During the oxidation process of hard anodized parts, they must withstand high voltages and high currents. The fixtures and parts must be kept in good contact. Otherwise, breakdown or burned parts will be caused by poor contact. Fault.

The thin layer of the oxide film has a large number of micropores, which can absorb various lubricants and is suitable for manufacturing engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts. If the temperature decreases, the wear resistance of the anodized film of aluminum and aluminum alloys will increase. 

In order to obtain an oxide film with higher hardness, the dissolution rate of the electrolyte to the film is reduced. Membrane microporous adsorption ability can be colored into a variety of beautiful and gorgeous colors. Non-ferrous metals or their alloys, such as aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys, can be anodized. Hard oxide is different from ordinary oxide films and requires long-term electrolysis at high currents. 

A strong contact point is required. This method is widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft and automobile parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, daily necessities and building decoration. Dongguan PTJ Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Management philosophy: Carry forward the team spirit, realize personal value, compete with each other, and let Ren Qunying compete. Quality first, integrity-based, meticulous manufacturing, customer satisfaction.

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