I. Overview

The production of die-casting parts requires die-casting machinery and equipment. Die-casting machines are the basis for the production of die-casting parts. The technical level of die-casting equipment determines the quality and level of die-casting parts. Therefore, if you want to promote the development of the die-casting parts industry, you must give priority to the development of die-casting equipment. . my country is a big country in die-casting castings, but the level of production technology and industry equipment needs to be improved. my country’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan clearly points out that the main task for the development of the foundry industry is to give priority to the development of major technical equipment, and the goal is to provide equipment for the technological upgrading of die-casting enterprises. support. The development of die-casting technology and equipment will help improve the level of die-casting machinery and equipment, thereby improving the quality and technical level of castings, and promoting the development of the casting industry.

2, the problems of fast injection of domestic die-casting machines

In recent years, my country’s die-casting machine equipment technology has developed rapidly, with improvements in design level, technical level, performance indicators, mechanical structure and manufacturing quality. Especially for cold chamber die casting machines, through technological innovations in recent years, my country’s die casting machine equipment technology has made great breakthroughs in the original technology. At present, most of the injection parts of the domestic die casting machines we use are double The circulatory system is different from the single-circuit injection system in that the pressure-increasing mechanism of the dual-circuit injection system is additionally equipped with an independent pressure accumulator to drive the pressure piston, that is, the fast injection and the pressure increase are independent Energy storage. At present, most die-casting machines use a dual-circuit injection system. In terms of working principle, this hydraulic principle should obtain a very stable injection effect. But judging from the actual use, the result is not the case, and the fast injection speed is often unstable. Mainly as follows:

1. Irregular attacks, fast injection speed sometimes fast and sometimes slow, product quality is unstable, and obvious differences can be heard from the sound.

How to improve the stability of fast injection of domestic die-casting machine

2. Staged seizures, a certain stage is very stable, a certain stage is very unstable, and sometimes it is not normal for a few hours.

3, cause analysis

Cause Analysis:

According to long-term observations, it is found that it is mainly caused by the use of concentrated oil return for the electromagnetic directional valve that controls the quick-discharge valve. see picture 1

Status before improvement:

Because the original design adopts centralized oil return, the instantaneous large flow of oil returns during fast injection, resulting in a higher oil return back pressure at the outlet of the quick drain valve. The spool of the quick drain valve oscillates and rebounds under the action of the oil return back pressure, which changes the return oil flow and causes the rapid injection speed to fluctuate greatly. Especially at the end of fast injection, the speed will drop significantly. Cause product filling or internal defects. Sometimes it is even difficult to determine whether it is a machine problem or a mold problem.

4, the improvement plan

In response to the above problems, the original injection system has been improved:

Separate the solenoid directional valve control oil circuit of the quick drain valve from the centralized oil return circuit and change to separate oil return, so that the spool of the quick drain valve can be opened smoothly to the maximum extent without being interfered by the back pressure of the oil return , The fast injection speed must have remained stable.

V. Conclusion

Through the improvement of the fast injection oil circuit control system of the domestic dual-circuit die-casting machine, the stability of the injection has been greatly improved, and the product qualification rate has been greatly improved. The transformation scheme is simple and easy to implement, and the cost is low.

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Link to this article:How to improve the stability of fast injection of domestic die-casting machine

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