Surface treatment is a process of artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of the base material that is different from the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the base. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements. Common surface treatment methods for aluminum profiles:
1. Frosted fabric profile: Frosted aluminum profile avoids the shortcomings of bright aluminum alloy profile that will cause light interference under certain environment and conditions in architectural decoration. Its surface is as delicate and soft as brocade, which is very popular in the market. , But the existing frosted materials must overcome the uneven surface sand and be able to see the lack of pattern patterns.

2. Electrophoretic painted aluminum profile: The surface of the electrophoretic painted profile is soft and can resist the acid rain of cement and mortar. 90% of the aluminum profile in Japan is electrophoretic painted.

Common surface treatment methods for aluminum profiles

3. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profile: The powder electrostatic spraying profile is characterized by its excellent corrosion resistance, and its resistance to acid, alkali and salt spray is much better than that of oxidation colored profiles.
4. Multi-tone surface treatment aluminum profiles: The current monotonous silvery white and brown colors can no longer meet the good coordination of architects with exterior wall decorative tiles and exterior wall latex. New types of stainless steel, champagne, golden yellow, titanium gold, Red series (burgundy, maroon, black, purple), etc. plus colored glass can make the decorative effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and then oxidized for the best results.
5. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum profile: This type of material is the most advanced processing technology in the world today. The quality of this profile product is good, but the cost is relatively high. It has more than 20 kinds of tones, and its biggest feature is that it can be colored like printed cloth according to needs. The surface of the profile is colorful and the decorative effect is excellent.

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Link to this article:Common surface treatment methods for aluminum profiles

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