When designing works, many designers constantly modify their own works because of the opinions of customers, so that they forget what the essence of product design is.

So I often advise customers to modify some of the things they think is different from the operation of other products in the design. In fact, many innovative designs only change the way of operation in the eyes of real designers, turning simple things into simple things. It is more complicated, but it is lackluster in terms of function expansion. Such innovations bring learning costs to users, but the final result is similar to other products. This is the practice of turning the cart before the horse.

It is difficult to persuade customers to modify the product structure, because most product managers’ understanding of design only stays at the most basic and superficial level of graphics, and designers really need to consider the actual feelings of users holding the product in their hands. It is a complete whole, from vision, hearing, operation, psychological hint, logical relationship, functional framework, new function embedding and expansion, etc., all these are the categories that designers must consider, and this is the inner part of the product.

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