Habitat for Humanity announced the progress of its 3D printed house in Tempe on Wednesday, the first case of a non-profit organization in the country. The organization said that this may be a possible solution to the lack of affordable housing in Silicon Valley.

This three-bedroom, two-bedroom single-family house was built on a plot near Broadway Road and Roosevelt Street and was purchased from Tempe. The livable space is 1,738 square feet, while the total area of ​​the project is 2,433 square feet.

70% to 80% of houses are 3D printed. The rest are traditional buildings. The German-based PERI company provided a 3D printer for the project, shipped it to the United States in March, and then started printing in May.

The company said it built Germany’s first 3D printed house and Europe’s largest 3D printed apartment building in 2020.
“Tempe’s 3D Printing project is now continuing this success story in the United States,” PERI managing director Thomas Imbacher said in a press release. 

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