It is understood that European scientists are conducting an experiment called “ellipsoid” on the International Space Station, aiming to cultivate artificial blood vessels for human surgery. The “ellipsoid” experiment was carried out on the International Space Station in 2016. This experiment aims to study how endothelial cells, the cells that form the inner layer of blood vessels, react in the microgravity environment on the International Space Station. Endothelial cells control the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and regulate blood flow and blood pressure.

Human cells grown in space will aggregate into a tubular structure, similar to the inner layer of blood vessels in the human body. In the “ellipsoid” experiment, the cells will grow for 12 days in the European Space Agency’s Kubik incubator. Germany Rick Universityancient Daniela Gorm said: “These tubular aggregates like the original blood vessel, which is the scientists cultured cells on Earth had never realized.”

Same Marcus Wieland of the university said: “We learned new knowledge about the tube formation mechanism, and the results confirmed that gravity has an impact on the way key proteins and genes interact.” Marcus said: “We are cultivating different Cells to improve the tissue engineering method of artificial blood vessels.”

Cultivating blood vessels in space can help transform human tissues for transplantation or new drug production, and ultimately help patients who need transplantation to replace damaged blood vessels. 

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