With the continuous development of new energy automobile industry, the requirements for lightweight automobiles are increasing day by day.Among many materials, carbon fiber composites have been paid more and more attention for their excellent specific strength, specific stiffness, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.The different characteristics between carbon fiber materials and metal materials also provide engineers with different design ideas. The following is a simple comparison of the characteristics and differences between carbon fiber composites and traditional metals.Performance Comparison Of Carbon Fiber Composites With Traditional Metals1.Specific stiffness and specific strength
Compared with metal materials, carbon fiber materials are light in weight and high in specific strength and stiffness.
Carbon fiber materials can choose the laying Angle, laying ratio and laying sequence of single layer by laminate theory.According to the characteristics of load distribution, the required stiffness and strength can be obtained by specific design, while traditional metal materials can only be realized by thickening.
3.Corrosion resistance
Compared with metal materials, carbon fiber materials have a strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.
4.Fatigue resistance
Compared with metal parts, especially aluminum alloy, carbon fiber parts have excellent fatigue performance.
Conclusion:Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber materials have unique advantages in mechanical properties, lightweight, designability and fatigue resistance.

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