The personal protective equipment (PPE) is made of 99% polyester fiber and 1% carbon fiber fabric, which is encapsulated in polyester.And protected by patents, the company is very tight-lipped about its features.Italian Company Launches Safer, More Professional Mask, Secret Is Carbon Fiber!After the covid-19 epidemic, Mycroclean decided to use his carbon materials to produce respirators with extremely high levels of properties, with a bacterial filtration capacity (BFE) of 99.8% and a particle filtration rate (PFE) of 95%.The mask design has been patented.The carbon fiber fabric keeps the weight of each mask at 60.5 grams.It is also breathable and comes in two types: mask BP2020V3 and BP2020V3TN. The BP2020V3TN is a professional, double layer with a water-repellent outer layer.

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