There are many ODM OEM manufacturers for hanging neck fans, and the strength of each manufacturer is also different, leading to differences in the price of hanging neck fans on the market. So what are the main factors that affect the ODM foundry price of the hanging neck fan? ODM intelligent manufacturing halter fan OEM manufacturers will tell you about the price factors that affect the ODM OEM of halter fan.

  1. Material quality: Before doing fan processing, you need to figure out the product positioning and sales channels.
  2. Quality of packaging materials: There are two types of packaging materials, inner packaging materials and outer packaging materials. Most fans on the market now save costs on packaging materials, but people rely on clothing, and fans are no exception. Hard gift boxes and ordinary color boxes are packed. The resulting grade division is very obvious. If you only want to fight for the price and save packaging materials, then the things you make can always be low-end, so this is also a major factor affecting the ODM foundry of the neck fan.
  3. Details of the cost of fan ODM processing: This includes fan processing and other service fees, product certification fees, etc. In addition to the foundry method selected by the customer, some brands will also have their own ODM requirements, which is related to whether the entrusted party needs to re-order raw materials, and the time cost will increase, all of which will affect the fan’s OEM cost.
  4. There is a direct relationship between the ODM processing price of the hanging neck fan and the order volume, and it is the most important factor; although the above three points will also affect, but the price is fixed relative to the market, and the cost is better. Generally, OEM companies need a lot of labor and equipment cost when producing. If the number of fans produced is relatively small, it will indirectly lead to an increase in the operating cost of the ODM factory. Conversely, if the production volume is relatively large, the operating costs will be relatively small after being evenly amortized.

The above are the main factors that affect the ODM OEM price of the hanging neck fan. As the ODM processing company of the hanging neck fan, ODM intelligent manufacturing always puts product quality in the first place and strives to provide customers with the best service at the lowest price.

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