Today let us see how many advantages of carbon fiber helmets?Advantages Of Carbon Fiber HelmetsLightweight:
The weight of carbon fiber composite material is 3/4 lighter than steel and 1/3 lighter than aluminum. The most direct feeling is that the neck load is significantly reduced and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time.Comfortable:
The soft tensile properties of carbon fiber can improve the noise and vibration control of helmet during high-speed driving, reduce wind noise effectively and improve comfort.Reliability:
Carbon fiber has higher fatigue strength and better impact energy absorption, which can reduce the helmet’s weight while maintaining its strength and safety, thus reducing the safety risk factor brought by lightweight.Durability:
Carbon fiber has corrosion resistance, through high temperature, low cold, smoke test, compared to other materials, longer service life.Carbon fiber K base value:
Typically, a “K number” is a bundle of carbon fibers with thousands of strands.3K means there are 3,000 single-filament carbon fibers in a bunch, and 12K means there are 12,000 single-filament carbon fibers in a bunch.The larger the K base, the heavier the helmet, so the table thinks that the lighter the carbon fiber, the better.


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