Maip acquires Ciceri de Mondel (FILOALFA)

Maip Group formally acquired the Italian company Ciceri de Mondel S.r.l., which has been operating in the production of high-quality styrene boards for many years, under the brand name FILOALFA. INDEX Group acquired One Click Metal

The INDEX Group, located in Esslingen, Germany, is an expert in industrial CNC systems and is expanding its business by introducing new additive manufacturing solutions.

INDEX acquired the majority of shares in TRUMPF’s One Click Metal Co., Ltd. This participation provides One Click Metal with additional technology and capital to continue its growth trajectory in the very promising entry-level field of 3D printers. TRUMPF will continue to participate as an active strategic partner and will cooperate with INDEX to support the company’s future development.

Formlabs raises US$150 million and intends to slow down its IPO. 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs raised US$150 million in a Series E financing led by Tokyo-based venture capital firm SoftBank Investment Advisors’ Vision Fund 2. This funding doubled the company’s valuation to $2 billion. But its CEO Max Lobovsky made it clear in an interview with BizJournals that he is not in a hurry to merge with SPACs and go public.

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