Anyone who has watched martial arts dramas must know Yi Rongshu. Putting a human skin mask on one’s face can make oneself “become” another person, and then can do things for another person. But the people around don’t feel strange. This kind of plot that only existed in martial arts dramas before may also happen in real life in the future. A 3D scanning expert in Japan published a “work” of his own on the Internet, and everyone who saw it said it was unbelievable, because when he put on the printed mask, it was as small as the color of the pores and as large as the face. The moles on it can be said to be exactly the same as the original face, which is almost indistinguishable from true and false.


Colleagues who admire the incredible work of 3D Printing have also made many people even more worried. You must know that face recognition technology has been applied to most people’s lives. Now almost every new mobile phone has a face recognition function, not only Unlock the phone, you can also use the phone to pay and transfer, and even perform actions such as loans. Sure enough, after the Japanese expert published this work, someone immediately asked: “Can you use this to crack the phone lock?” The mask author also experimented with the mask with his colleagues, and finally found that it was impossible to crack the iPhone at all, but In some relatively backward face recognition technology, occasionally it can be successful. Whether it is face recognition or 3D printing, the development and progress of science and technology is to enable us to enjoy life better. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the development of technology, and we should support it. However, the defensiveness is indispensable, and you still have to be careful that some people will use technology to do illegal things.

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